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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm running to you... [you are saviour, truth for me]

There's so much craziness surrounding me.there's so much going on it gets hard to breathe.all my faith has gone you bring it back to me.well im not sure of my priorities.ive lost site of where im meant to be and like holy water washing over me.

you make it real for me

and I'm running to you baby
you are the only one who save me
that's why ive been missing you lately
cause you make it real for me

everybody talking in words. I don't understand. you got to be the only one who knows just who I am and you shine in the distance. I hope I can make it through cause the only place that I want to be is right
home with you

p/s: May the road rise to meet you. I love you darl.


  1. So sweet of u darl...Thanks darl!

  2. most welcome baby... i love u damn much! remember that! wehee.. :P

  3. alololo~
    sweetnyer anda cik lyna..
    da mcm kuah dal 2 sahabatku ini..
    huhuhu =p

  4. hey!! kuah parpu la... hehehe... :)

  5. babe~ u've been tagged. do visit my blog to copy+paste all da question~ hepy taggin' ^_^

  6. i love u too darl~ ehek3 [motiipp aku menyemak kat sini]

  7. Jemput kidnap award anda di sini -> http://eznysa.blogspot.com/2009/06/da-appreciation.html. TQ ^_^